Vehicle cooler/cooling system


The Norwegian, Dutch and English armed forces noticed that engines of their tracked vehicle (TV) 206 (6 cylinder diesel engine) became overheated after only a few years use. This resulted in damages on the cylinder head, on cylinders and other enginerelated damages. The deposits inside the cooler were rust and rests of coolant.


The temperature in the engine from the dismantled cooler was before cleaning 95°C. This temperature was lowered with 13°C down to 82°C after cleaning. The temperature in the engine, where the whole cooling system was cleaned, was lowered from 100°C to 90°C, a decrease with 10°C. As an alternative to change the cooler due to high temperatures in the engine (dirty engines), the cooling system can easily be cleaned and the lifetime of the engine cooler can be increased immensely.


Sector: Vehicle & Workshops
Application: Engine cooler/cooling system
Product: Bio Gen Active® Limescale/Rust remover
Deposit: Rust and coolant