Flue Gas Condenser


A fouled 8 MW Flue Gas Condenser resulted in a severe decrease in energy production. Reconditioning was necessary and performed using Bio Gen Active® products.


By using Bio Gen Active® products, a successful cleaning with minimal environmental impact was achieved. The efficiency of the system was increased with 2 MW. Furthermore, the reconditioning could be performed without affecting other onsite activity, and no extra protection was needed.


The cost for the cleaning was ~12.000 EUR. However, the increase of 2 MW corresponds to a saving of ~30.000 EUR per week (~1.5 M EUR annually). The return of investment was achieved in a few days.


Sector: Heat & power plants
Application: Cleaning of flue gas condenser
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Bio Gen Active® Degreaser 691
Deposit: Fuel exhaust, debris from smoke