Stator cooler


High level of fouling in the raw water cooler resulted in reduced flow and an increased pressure drop and hence, elevated temperature in the generator. As a consequence, the power station needed to reduce the output effect in order not to damage the generator. Production was effected negatively due to inefficient cooling. Earlier cleaning had been performed with high corrosive mineral acids or manually through dismantling of the cooling unit. The manual cleaning was very time consuming and, cleaning with mineral acids was corrosive and poses operator safety issues for the user.


The design value of the cooler was restored and consequently, the generator could run smother, produce at higher output at a lower temperature, with fewer production stops. Implementing this protocol, gaskets was not affected and change of gaskets was not necessary.


Sector: Hydro power stations
Application: Stator coolers
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Deposit: Limescale, rust and humus