Air compressor


At a nitrogen production site a decrease in productivity due to insufficient cooling was detected. In order to maintain the required temperatures and avoid any effects in the nitrogen production, the amount of cooling water needed to be raised. The system is equipped with three cooling steps and to solve the problem with decreased effect they decided to clean the entire system using Bio Gen Active® products.


The results was very good. A visual check was made using an endoscope. It was assessed that the cooling pipes were absolutely clean. As a consequence, the amount of cooling water could be lowered from 105 m³/h down to <85 m³/h which is close to original value. The difference in temperature between the cooling water inlet and outlet had increased from 6 to 8 Kelvin.


Sector: Production & Industry
Application: Internal heat exchangers
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Bio Gen Active® Degreaser 691
Deposit: Limescale