Cooling system, dairy


The production of the traditional Christmas cheesecake was stopped just a few days before planned production start. Due to a cream leakage in the cooling system, the cooling was insufficient. Usually, dismantling is necessary for maintenance, but due to lack of time, CIP-technique (Cleaning In Place) was tested for the first time at this site. By using Bio Gen Active® Scale 130 and CIP-technique the cooling system could efficiently be cleaned during a short time and with a short notice.


One day prior planned production start the cooling system was back in order and production could start as planned. During production, the cooling system worked perfect and the cleaning proved to be 100 %.

The first cheese cake produced was of course tested with excellent taste and quality.


Sector: Production & Industry
Application: Cleaning of cooling system
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Bio Gen Active® Degreaser 691
Deposit: Fat/cream, limescale