Water pipes


In older houses and condominiums, the issue of renovation the water pipes and other plumbing will sooner or later come up for discussion. An alternative to replacing the water pipes is a total reconditioning. This can include the water distributing system and/or a water mediated heating system. 


The mean value of increased temperature was 13°C and in some rooms the increase was almost 20 °C. The cost for a successful cleaning is ~10.000 EUR compared to the cost for replacement of the total system, ~100.000 EUR. Furthermore, a cleaning takes ~2 days depending on the size of the house, but replacing the heating system will take a number of weeks, a time quite inconvenient for the people living in the house. 


If galvanised pipes are used in the system, passivisation must be performed after cleaning. 
Old pipes might be cracked, cracks that are concealed under debrief. After cleaning cracks might leak. This is not due to cleaning but leak tests must be performed. 


Sector: Real estates
Application: Water pipes
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Deposit: Rust, lime scale and metal oxides