Multi Separator CIP – cleaning of marine oil separators — further development of Multi CIP Super

Invekta Green AB launches a new product optimized for cleaning oil separators, Multi Separator CIP. It is a further development of Multi CIP Super that Invekta Green AB also produce and has been successfully cleaning oil separators with many satisfied customers around the world for more than 10 years, including market leaders such as Alfa Laval.

Multi Separator CIP has a fast and high oil-dissolving ability, handles the cleaning at about 60°C and shows good separation and low foaming. Multi Separator CIP is circulated through the oil separator with a CIP-equipment without dismantling the separator. This gives a safe work environment, no mess and less risk of damage to the separator. Multi Separator CIP is used in the same way and with the same dosage as Multi CIP Super.

Multi Separator CIP means:

• Efficient cleaning
• Faster cleaning time
• Less man hours
• Less environmental impact
• Less risk for personnel
• Less risk of material damage

Bio Gen Active® Washing-up liquid

Our concentrated and effective washing-up liquid is now certified with Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

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