Bio Gen Active®

Transforming Industries with Innovative Solutions

By using intelligent cleaning power and technology of nature itself Bio Gen Active® includes a wide range of high performance cleaning solutions.

Bio Gen Active® products consist of three different product groups, characterized by its contents:

  • Scale; fruit acids
  • Combi; fruit acids and surfactants
  • Degreaser; surfactants

What is Bio Gen Active®?

The company’s unique, in-house developed raw material called Bio Gen Active®, is made by a method in which whey is biologically converted into other natural substances by a specially designed fermentation process.

This is done with the aid of micro-organisms, without adding chemicals. Whey is a high-quality material which is obtained as a byproduct in dairies when various cheese products are made.

Bio Gen Active® is a natural raw material with a host of applications and a range of unique properties. Among other things, Bio Gen Active® is kind to the skin, biodegrades rapidly and enhances the cleaning ability of surfactants.

The word “Bio Gen” in the Bio Gen Active® trademark derives from Greek; “of natural origin”. It refers to the fact that whey is the natural origin of our product range.

“Active” refers to the in-built functionality of the products, all the properties that the product possesses e.g.:

  • Active effect
  • Active and natural constituents
  • Active protection for the skin
  • Active and rapid degrading in the natural environment



  • No transport restrictions
  • Popular with users
  • Not hazardous to health

Environmentally optimised products

  • Readily biologically degradable (as per OECD 301).
  • Cleaning solution classification in the German WGK 1 classification system.
  • A number of products carry the Nordic Ecolabel (the Swan) or Good Environmental Choice (the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation). Continuous effort is put into all our products satisfying the criteria for such marking.
  • We have an offshore selection that is approved by HOCNF (Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format).


  • Inorganic and organic deposits/scales can be removed in a single step.
  • Time savings and lower costs in using CIP (Cleaning In Place).
  • Longer service intervals.

Gentle on the materials being cleaned

  • Minimum “interference” with materials (aluminium, rubber, wood, colour pigments, steel and polymers are not attacked).
  • Our products are classified as non-corrosive.
  • Bio Gen Active® based formulations gives natural protection against corrosion.

User support

  • Customer-specific formulations possible.
  • Project support and on-site training.
  • Complete CIP-support – chemicals, equipment and expertise in solutions.


We are certified according to ISO 9001 and audited by A3 Cert. Our Bio Gen Active® products is characterized by efficiency, user-friendliness focused on personal safety plus health and environment. Our main goal is satisfying customers, users and co-workers.

Licensed products
Bio Gen Active® Multi Clean Floor&Wall
Bio Gen Active® Combi Clean Bath&Kitchen

Licensed products
Bio Gen Active® Washing-up liquid
Bio Gen Active® Hand Soap
Bio Gen Active® Shower Creme