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We are a Swedish Cleantech chemical producing company driven by people with a clean consideration. We believe in taking responsibility, not only for our generation, but also for those to come. That’s why we take great pride in continously optimizing the performance of our offering.

Made in Jämtland
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What we make

Our Products

Our range of innovative reconditioning products open new perspectives in the cleaning of surfaces. Safe handling is guaranteed with Bio Gen Active® inside and, besides being highly efficient, it is kind to materials and the environment. These are advantages that traditional cleaning with acids and alkaline solutions cannot offer.

Industrial Applications

Enhancing Industry

Bio Gen Active® plays a vital role across various industries, from maritime maintenance to hydropower generation, refineries, paper mills, train carriage cleanliness, heat exchangers, pipelines, and pumps. Our high-performance cleaning solutions are the trusted choice for enhancing efficiency, prolonging equipment life, and ensuring smooth operations in diverse industrial settings.

Professional Applications

Elevating Professional Cleaning Standards

Bio Gen Active® transforms professional cleaning across sectors. In agriculture, we keep stable boxes, watering cans, and flushing cisterns clean. Our products ensure tractors and machinery stay in top shape. In Facility Management, we excel in general cleaning, facade and roof maintenance, and restaurant hygiene. From scrubbing machines to shop floors, Bio Gen Active® sets the standard for efficiency and excellence, empowering professionals in their cleaning endeavors.


Proof of our commitment to quality and sustainability

Biogenactive characterize

About Bio Gen Active®

Natural Innovation in High-Performance Cleaning Solutions

By using intelligent cleaning power and technology of nature itself Bio Gen Active® includes a wide range of high performance cleaning solutions.
Bio Gen Active® products consist of three different product groups, characterized by its contents:

  • Scale;
  • Fruit acids Combi;
  • Fruit acids and surfactants Degreaser; surfactants

Latest Presentation​

The company’s unique, in-house developed raw material called Bio Gen Active®, is made by a method in which whey is biologically converted into other natural substances by a specially designed fermentation process.

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