Cooling water system


Lego, the large Danish manufacturer of plastic toy bricks, had problems with a large cooling water system in their production facility. Corrosion deposits and mineral scale caused blockage and low flow in the tubes which caused lower heat transfer rates and unexpected production stops. Lego wanted an effective cleaning solution that did not affect the environment and also safe to handle and use for the operators.


Lego was very satisfied with the results. Lego increased the return on investment of the system due to higher heat transfer in the system. Since the cleaning, there have been no unexpected production stops. Furthermore, by using Bio Gen Active® Scale 130, there was a substantial improvement regarding health and  safety for the personnel performing the cleaning and lower environmental impact compared to highly acidic products used earlier.


Sector: Production & workshops
Application: Cleaning of cooling water system
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Deposit: Limescale and rust