Oil separators


On all major vessels there is at least one oil separator. Its function is to separate water and pollutions from the vessels fuel oil. During operation the oil separator discs (about 50 pieces per oil separator) becomes hot due to the centrifugal force in the oil separator. This causes fuel oil to burn on the discs which then loose the ability to separate water and pollutions from the fuel oil. Generally the discs are cleaned by hand after the oil separator has been dismantled. A work that is very dirty and time-consuming. With CIP- technology (Cleaning In Place) the oil separator can be cleaned without dismantling.


With help from the CIP-technology an oil separator can be cleaned with only one person during substantially shorter time then generally cleaning. When dismantling is not necessary, wear on packing and discs reduces with lower costs for spare parts. Each disc become clean (as new) which result in a longer working time before the next stop to clean the oil separator.


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