Plate heat exchanger, raw water

At this paper mill, a heat exchanger, heating raw water to the facility’s water plant, were losing efficiency. In 2002 cleaning of the exchanger was conducted but the result was less than satisfactory and in 2003 decision was made to conduct a second cleaning.

After cleaning operation the temperature of the outgoing water was increased by 11,9°C, a huge improvement. The cleaning was conducted with minimal disturbance to other activities. Furthermore, there were no need to either seal off the working area or need for extra protective equipment. By using Bio Gen Active® Scale 130 a very successful reconditioning with minimal impact on the environment was achieved.

Temp °C Prior 2003 After 2003 Prior 2004 After 2004
Water in 10,0 10,0 7,0 7,0
Water out 28,1 40,0 19,0 28,0
Secondary water in 62,0 62,0 62,0 62,0
Secondary water out 56,6 49,4 60,0 53,0
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Raw water heat exchanger
Limescale and metal oxides